Flint Westrock:  Flint Westrock is, like many Americans, a man of many places and times.  His family was a military family,  and by the age of 12 he had lived in eight cities in five different states; from age 12 to 29 he lived in Houston, and then Austin, Texas before moving to California.  The fourth of five children born on either side of  the 1940/1950 divide, he was exposed to American culture and music spanning three decades by the time he was 20.  He tasted the exuberance of the 40's, the innocence of the 50's and the experience of the 60's.  He grew up in a house with 78's, 45's, and 33's, record players that played all three, and parents, brothers and sisters who all had their own musical tastes and cultural icons.  He has lived all over these great United States, in the East, the Midwest, the Southwest, and the West.  He's been a truck driver, a lawn mower repairman, a soda jerk, a ditch digger, a dry‑waller, a produce man, a warehouseman, a property clerk, a freight‑elevator operator, a grocery stocker, a diaper delivery man, a life guard, a swimming teacher,  a lawyer, an author, and a publisher.  Flint has relesed two cds on LeRoi Records, both comprised of songs written by Pete Umoff, and both featuring some of the finest musicians in the Santa Barbara area, including Mitch Kashmar, Jimmy Calire, Tom Lackner, Bill Flores, and Steve Nelson, with special appearances by Nick Coventry, Shawn Thies, and Jessica McNabb. 

Alastair Greene:  Alastair Greene is an extraordinary guitarist with both formal credentials and street cred.  He's played with the best and has earned his place among them.  Through the Rain, Alastair's new release on LeRoi Records, is a true Rock classic, comprised entirely of songs written by Alastair that showcase his amazing guitar virtuosity and versatility.  Alastair plays and tours with The Alan Parsons Live Project in addition to the Alastair Greene Band and Alastair Greene and the Thousand Watt Kings (featured on Through the Rain).  LeRoi Records is very excited to play a part in Alastair's release of this amazing cd.


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LeRoi Records is owned by an independent recording artist, so we understand the issues that face bands and artists. Our goal is to give artists who might not otherwise be able to afford it the opportunity to record their music so they can promote it and themselves. In return, we hope to benefit both spiritually and financially by sharing in the artists’ success.