About LeRoi Records

LeRoi Records was founded in 2005 by Pete Umoff in Santa Barbara, California at the outset of what we think will one day be seen as the golden age of music in Santa Barbara thanks to the efforts of concert promoters New Noise Santa Barbara and Club Mercy and the presence of great venues such as Soho, Velvet Jones, The Savoy, Whiskey Richard's, Muddy Waters, the Mecury Lounge, and others.

LeRoi's objective is to make resources available to musicians who might not otherwise have access to them.  It's mission is to support musicians and music and to have fun doing it.  To that end, LeRoi Records has assembled a stellar team of professionals, including Tom Lackner (sound engineering, mixing and mastering) and Craig Tyler (art and graphics).

Pete Umoff, the founder of LeRoi Records, has been a music lover his whole life.  He lamented the demise of the LP and cursed the arrival of the cd.  Now he laments the demise of the cd.  His vision for LeRoi Records came clearly into focus as the result of a conversation he had with a local musician at the end of his band's set at Soho.  The musician announced that the band did not have cds for sale, but their music was available for download online.  Pete asked him why they weren't selling cds...was it because they didn't like the format?  The musician responded that they love the cd format and, like Pete, lament its demise, but the band just didn't have the money for the studio time and other costs required to produce a cd.  Pete had already produced two of his own cds on LeRoi Records, and had been thinking about how he might increase his own contributions to the world of music across a broader spectrum than just his own music.  This conversation crystallized an idea that had been taking seed in his head for some time...a record company that would provide financial assistance for recording and production costs, but would leave the artist in control, and most importantly, acquire no rights in the artist's songs, and at the same time encourage muisicians to continue their own marketing efforts through live shows and social media.

The question we most often hear at LeRoi Records is what's in it for us.  The answer is actually quite simple.  In addition to getting the satisfaction of contributing to music in general and, in some small way, to the development of some fine musicians in particular, LeRoi Records shares in the revenue from the recordings on its label.  There's an important distinction not to be missed here:  LeRoi shares in the revenue from the recordings on its label, but not in the ownership of or general revenue from the songs themselves.   In most cases, LeRoi will hope to break even.  In some cases maybe it will make a little money.  In a rare case it may even make a lot of money.  But in all cases it will have fun and derive satisfaction from being involved with talented, creative people.

About LeRoi's People (it's all about the people)

Pete Umoff:  Pete is the founder of LeRoi Records and its President.  He is a songwriter, recording artist, author, lawyer, and father of six.  He loves music and supporting music.  He makes it work, but he doesn't make it go.  The musicians do that.

Tom Lackner:  Tom is LeRoi's heart and soul.  He does the recording for LeRoi at his beautiful mountain studio, the Tompound.  He is an engineering and mixing genius.  He comes to the technical side with a long history as one of the finest drummers around.  He has played, and still does play, in several bands across a wide spectrum of musical styles, from blues to jazz to rock to americana and all stops in between.  His talent and experience as a drummer give him an unerring ear in the studio, which he combines with an uncanny ability to get just the right sound and feel for the occasion and to translate it to disc, something which is all too often missing from recorded music.

Craig Tyler:  Craig is LeRoi's eyes and sensibilities.  He does all of LeRoi's graphic design and art production.  Craig is one of the top digital artists in the world.  He has done it all, from posters, to album covers, to clothing, to commercial logos and design, to fine art.  There simply is no one better.

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A New Kind of Record Label

LeRoi Records is owned by an independent recording artist, so we understand the issues that face bands and artists. Our goal is to give artists who might not otherwise be able to afford it the opportunity to record their music so they can promote it and themselves. In return, we hope to benefit both spiritually and financially by sharing in the artists’ success.